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help. a friend tried but could not get through smoke that billowed from every door and window. >> [unintelligible] they are still in the house. we could not do anything. >> fire officials say the man who made it out alive waited outside while the mother dropped her intent daughter and two sons safely into his arms. >> the mother threw the baby out the window. >> moments later witnesses heard another explosion. >> she was screaming help and then i did not hear it anymore. >> the woman and two children did not survive. >> it hurts so bad. this is a very tragic moment for everybody.
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>> fire investigators are inside the home searching for the -- trying to figure out how this fire started. they do not have a call us at this point. they do not suspect foul play. what a terrible situation. the identities of the woman and her children have not been released. the children ranged in age between two months and eight- years old. street racing might be the reason for a car crash. it happened on a powder mill road in beltsville. suzanne kennedy has the details. >> all three people involved were taken to the hospital after two teenagers decided to race. the accident shown here from
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newschopper 7 happened during the school day. authorities say two of those involved were 17-years old. by dismissal time this afternoon students were talking about their classmates accident which involved racing. >> being 17, you should have better things to do. >> the crash took place in the 3100 block of powder mill road. >> apparently he was trying to make the courage and he lost control of the vehicle -- was trying to make the curve. they car traveling southbound ended up striking him. >> a driver was trapped for 10 minutes and his passenger was ejected. students say it is important to know what kind of driver you are writing with.
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-- what kind of driver you are riding with. charges are pending against the driver. authorities are looking for that second car involved in this incident. in prince george's county, suzanne kennedy. the man is expected to become the next d.c. mayor is already talking about shaking up the school system. one day before his meeting with michelle rhee , vincent gray is opening to rehiring -- open to rehiring some of the teachers fired last year. vincent grace says he would considering rehiring teachers solely for financial reasons. >> it is a hot start to bottom. we are under a storm watch tonight. doug hill has what we can
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expect. >> the entire viewing area is under a severe thunderstorm watch. it is 94 just down the river at near it -- at reagan national airport. we have had a few thunderstorms pop. a weakening area of showers moving through the city. a severe thunderstorm watch for baltimore county. a few showers coming across the oelrich -- across the blue ridge. there is another line of storms across western pennsylvania. we will keep an eye on that. most of that should stay just north of the metro area. we will talk more about these temperatures that will stick around in a few minutes. tonight, we have learned a local sailor was killed in afghanistan. he was a former navy lacrosse player.
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natasha barrett is live in riverdale with this story. >> brandon played and practiced on this football field. today i met with his old football coach and he remembers him well. his football picture is proudly on display in the gym at dematha high school. >> it makes you feel so sad. >> yesterday's his mother got a call about her son that he was killed in a helicopter crash. his mother also works at the high school. >> it is like a punch in the stomach. somebody so young would so much potential. >> the family has a deep history at dematha. >> his leadership qualities were unbelievable. they were above and beyond.
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>> he went on to the naval academy playing across, a passion he shared with his sister. the rector even married he and his wife two years ago. >> he was supposed to return home to maryland in a couple of days. he was set to come home from afghanistan on october 2. police in northwest are searching for suspects after someone penalized a van at a community kitchen. workers called police early this morning. someone vandalized nine vans this morning. kitchen workers say they cannot imagine what the motive is. >> i don't know what to say. they targeted our company
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vehicles, so it had to be some retaliation for something. >> kitchen workers said security cameras were not working. so far there have not been any arrests. >> a warning if you're taking interstate 270 tomorrow morning. construction crews will shut down two lanes. it will close for 15 minutes at a time. drivers are being told to avoid this area. it woman evicted from her home in washington is trying to -- a woman evicted is trying to figure out her next move. some of her things are still on the sidewalk. >> the d.c. sanitation department has gotten involved. trash trucks are now out here removing what is left of eloisa diaz's belongings.
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a storage co. volunteered to store some of her stuff, but even they were overwhelmed by how much was out here. after seeing the story of the addiction, this storage company rolled trucks to 11th street. >> we saw the stuff lined up down the street. >> movers filled six trucks with spiritdiaz's belonging she claims she collected all this stuff over the past year, but we learned she was evicted from another home a couple of years ago. this man delivered mail and remembers the eviction. >> [unintelligible] >> furniture, electronics, clothing and anything you can imagine. >> i was amazed one person had all this stuff.
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>> [unintelligible] >> her belongings were turned out last night when hurt you -- when her landlord evicted her. she is from venezuela and said she was collecting this to send back to the poor. >> my job is to look out for them. >> but when she lost her job she said she fell behind on her rent. once again, here she is along with tons of her stuff looking for another home to fill. they will hold her belongings in storage in a facility free of charge for the next 90 days. the mayor's office has found a bed for eloisa diaz to stay in. beyond that, she said god will provide. coming up, kevin costner
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testifies on capitol hill and says he has the answer to cleaning up the oil spill. >> just a terrible violation of trust. >> new allegation against an attorney accused of sending gracie text messages to clients. -- sending racy text messages. >> the man at the center of the salmonella outbreak on capitol
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a salmonella outbreak reach the houses of congress. >> a committee is gathering information from those who are sick and. -- those who were sickened. as many as 1600 americans were sickened. >> they thought they were going to have to do emergency bowel surgery. >> my doctor told me i almost certainly would have died without aggressive intervention. >> the victims appeared before congress, as did the owners of the two farms.
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>> i declined to answer the question based on the protection afforded to me by the fifth amendment. >> the ceo of the farm company refused to answer questions. >> we apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs. i have prayed several times. >> his son said there far was not responsible. >> the most likely cause of contamination would be the ingredient in our feed. >> the fda is asking them to pass a new act. >> give us the tools we need for an effective safety system. >> one senator has held of the senate version. >> please allow this vital piece of legislation to move forward.
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>> they company's recalled more than a half billion eggs. are backompany's eggs on the market. the blonde well -- the blown well is officially killed. kevin costner was on capitol hill to address that issue. >> we believe this plan sports -- this plan is sufficient and it is robust. it is easy to implement. >> the house homeland security systems said the plan could be put in place immediately. >> local lesson plans are getting an environmental update. environmental education will soon become a part of the curriculum. schools will not have to create new classes. teachers will incorporate the
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material into existing courses. a book drop at a library is back open after a case of bedbugs. officials closed the book drop after an employee spotted bedbugs inside of two children's books. they treated all eight libraries as a precaution. three new additions are joining the growing lion pride at the national zoo. three lion cubs were born this morning. zoo officials are keeping an eye on the mother-in-law and for any health risks. they joined four other baby cubs at the zoo. >> was there any connection with a snowstorm?
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>> do they have a nine month incubation period? >> summer is here still. it will be in the 90's for a couple more days. we have some storms around the area. let's show you what the downpour's looked like in ashburn. we picked up close to 0.5 inches of rain, but they have kind of diminished. definitely a rapid break to the hot temperatures in that community. super doppler 7 showing the only activity is in the leesburg area. the heavy downpours is an isolated area. this larger area of rain is to the north and west of us. most of the activity will stay north of the metro area. more storms headed down the southern blue ridge.
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this stronger line coming through pennsylvania. it will be a close call this evening for our viewing area, but most of these storms should stay north of the metro area. in leesburg, 77 degrees. it dropped from 93. with the new storm over head now they have had 0.74 inches of rain. mclean at 81 degrees. the sun is coming back out. the entire viewing area remains under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. the anticipation of the pennsylvania line we will keep an eye on. we will let you know if the status changes. where it has not rained is plenty hot. 90 degrees in fairfax. 94 at reagan national airport. it is a hot afternoon.
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this is the first of three days temperatures are in the 90's. this cold front will arrive saturday and snap us back to normal temperatures for early autumn. reagan national is 14 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. to the west, not much change. cleveland is a bit cooler this time than yesterday. three severe thunderstorm watch is in affect. this will be very muggy overnight. temperatures in the upper 60's in the morning. a very warm start. we will wind up at 91 tomorrow afternoon. autumn starts tonight late. when we wake up tomorrow it will feel like autumn.
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then a cool front on saturday with sunshine. delightful sun -- delightful whether through the middle of next week. >> thank you. abc premiere week continues with a big new drama. "modern family" is back tonight. >> remember how much fun we had when we built that bookshelf together? >> that was my vietnam. and i was in vietnam. >> look at us, three construction do this. >> building -- 3 construction dudes. >> that is followed by the season premiere of "cougar town." coming up, as autumn begins
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so does flu season. >> the mother of a local politician killed while riding her bicycle explains why she is angry with police. >> why the district attorney angry with police. >> why the district attorney says he will not ste
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland--
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and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. a district attorney is
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refusing calls for his resignation. >> he is accused of sending inappropriate text messages to female crime victims. >> district attorney kenneth kratz is demand this woman turned to for help to get an old drug conviction pardoned, but soon he began sending her racy text messages. >> he would say i am in -- how can you please me in between the sheets? >> she told her story to a district attorney who encouraged her to go public. >> it was like a bombshell. i was not planning to hear that news from somebody. >> it appears he was not the first -- another woman said he repeatedly text occurred last year while prosecuting her case. -- he repeatedly texted last
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year. now a third woman has come forward. she claims to have met her online where -- kenneth kratz apologized. >> my behavior was inappropriate. i am ashamed. >> he has taken medical leave to get psychiatric help, but refuses to step down. >> this is a terrible violation of trust. >> a letter sent to one woman called his communications inappropriate, but they did not appear to involve professional misconduct. proceedings are under way to remove him from office. just under 24 hours from now a woman will be put to death by lethal injection. teresa lewis become the first
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woman in almost a century to be put to death. the governor and supreme court have refused to block the execution. coming up, why is budweiser giving away free beer? we will tell you where. >> the battle to be the maryland governor is on. martin o'malley feels good about his rematch with bob ehrlich. >> the mother of a cyclist killed is calling for changing maryland state law.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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captioned by the national captioning institute the mother of a cyclist killed in prince george's county fears she will be victimized a second time. >> natasha pettigrew was struck over the weekend by a car. stephen tschida is live at the accident scene. >> 30-year-old natasha pettigrew was a politician and avid cyclist. she was run down early sunday morning.
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her mother is afraid maryland state law will protect the woman who ran over her daughter. the woman who said she killed natasha pettigrew maintains she thought she hit an animal even though she dragged her bicycle for miles. the victim's mother doubts the woman will face a punishment. >> [unintelligible] >> she called police hours after hitting natasha pettigrew when she spotted a bicycle under her car. >> it took you four hours to go to your car to discover there is a bicycle under your car. >> the case is under investigation, but her mother returned to the scene. she is grieving for her daughter and worrying about the lot of protecting the woman who killed her. a prosecutor must prove gross negligence or some intent to
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kill in order to charge and convict. >> no one is charged with this crime because proving it is so hard. >> if you shoot them and kill them what is the difference? >> her friend clean up debris from the fatal collision and called for changing maryland law. >> when will people start caring about human life? >> while her family and friends are hoping for a change, they are making plans to return to the crash scene friday night to hold a candlelight vigil for natasha pettigrew. martin o'malley is ready for his rematch with bob ehrlich. his supporters say only one thing matters.
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>> i want to thank you for the past four years. >> this governor's race boils down to one thing, jobs. for that reason they are supporting martin o'malley. >> he is so much better than the other guy it is ridiculous. >> the governor boasted maryland has taken less of a hit during the recession than many other areas, but he acknowledged payne is widespread. >> there is no more powerful place than a family's home. >> that point was driven home when a report showed a loss of maryland jobs during august. of ehrlich seized upon that as evidence o'malley -- bob ehrlich seized upon that as evidence o'malley is not doing his job. >> this year even with this disappointing last month is the best we have had in terms of new
5:33 pm
job creation since 2000. >> the governor reacted to a new poll that showed he has a lead. >> i have one question, when is that first debate? i know we can answer a lot of questions. >> the answer to that question is both sides claim they are eager to debate, but they cannot agree on the rules. so far no debate has been scheduled. coming up, and look at noose around the region. investigators hope surveillance footage can help them catch a criminal. please call this man the preppy burglar -- police call this man
5:34 pm
the preppy byrd lerch. the man is 20-30 years of age. he was wearing a red tie and dress pants. we have a traffic alert, westbound interstate 66 will be closed overnight starting tomorrow. this is part of the dulles metro construction. it will last through saturday, september 25. 270 is back opened after a traffic -- truck caused traffic this morning. at least two lanes were closed. we don't need any of that this evening. let's see how things are shaping up. >> it looks like you will see a lot of slow traffic. this is northbound on 270.
5:35 pm
because of the rain it has made things much more miserable. you will see the same problems throughout maryland. you will see very slow traffic because of the wet conditions. let's look at virginia. 95 southbound, that will be extremely slow, barely moving. that will take you from the belt way down to 123. i am eric thomas, back to you. coming up, tea party candidate khristine o'donnell is following in sarah palin's footsteps. >> it is flu shot time. what you will need to be protected. >> arlington abuzz. residents say these
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♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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what you need to know about this season's flu shot. >> there is just one for all strains, but a special shot for seniors. >> there is a lot of disease
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going around. >> this man got his flu shot today at safeway. customers want to beat last year's long lines when the h1n1 endemic left back scenes in short supply. >> my mom and says that everybody in the family get flu shots -- my mom insisted everybody get flu shots. >> this vaccine requires a single shot. it protects against three different strains. also new this fall, the fda approved a vaccine that is available report -- available for people over 65. >> there has not been any documentation between what
5:40 pm
happens with the regular dose and the high dose. >> have you gotten a flu shot yet? >> no. >> this year the fda is changing its recommendations for who should be vaccinated. >> this year the recommendation is for six months and older. >> it is recommended ever want over six months get a flu shot. -- everyone over six months get a flu shot. got milk. a new study reveals dairy does a body good. milk products give dieters and extra edge in their fight against fat. those with the highest dairy intake lost 5 pounds more than non-milk drinkers. vitamin d levels are known to
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help with weight loss. coming up, one major beer producer is handing them out for free. >> a soldier home from afghanistan surprises his wife who just gave birth. >> a veteran d.c. council member wants to turn back the clock on the parking meter system. that story is
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8 d.c. leader says he has a plan to cut parking costs that won't cost the city. >> the question remains, will this actually work? sam ford is live from northwest. >> during the recent primary, then sent gray regularly criticized mayor fenty for nickel and diming people to death. today a veteran member of the council announced he is taking actions to roll the rates back. ask a motorist to parks on the
5:45 pm
streets -- >> it will be a distraction to downtown business. >> pay hike rates to raise more revenue. -- they hiked rates. >> people are angry about the meters. i will introduce legislation that brings us back to sanity. >> free parking on nights and weekends, meaning a lot less revenue. >> the city is still in the middle of a budget crisis. anything that will cost the city of revenue we have to be careful about. >> businesses are already concerned there is not enough turnover. >> [unintelligible] >> he is convinced the government made a mistake when
5:46 pm
it increased the rate. >> when this idea came up i said you are going to regret it. >> we found some people not that upset. considering parking garage prices, street parking is a bargain. >> these parking meters like this, who has 16 quarters to pay these rates? another criticism we heard was so many of the meters are broken. they would provide more money if they were actually working. speaking up rates, if you think you are paying too much for your taxi, you may be. dozens of taxi drivers were busted for doubling the rates. 59 people have been arrested so far.
5:47 pm
2000 drivers could paste penalties as well. a new mother gets a surprise from her soldier husband. michael jordan planned to surprise his entire family, but someone slipped. his parents and friends were there to surprise him. there were two important people missing. his wife had just given birth to a baby boy. he got a tv crew in the hospital to talk about the challenges of being overseas. take a look. >> [inaudible] >> he will be home for two weeks before heading back overseas to finish his store.
5:48 pm
-- finished his tour. in an attempt to boost sales, up budweiser is giving away free beer. they have seen budweiser sales drop because be a -- beer drinkers are turning to light beers. they will be handed out free beer is for people over the age of 21. the new ad campaign will also include a partnership with facebook. american -- "american idol" has two new judges. jennifer lopez and steven tyler will join the show. simon cowell left the show at the end of last season. >> who will be the crazy one? let's see what is coming up this evening.
5:49 pm
>> gordon peterson joins us. >> there are new indications that white house rahm emanuel will be leaving the white house. he does have a deadline. new revelations, and a new book revealing that the obama administration was more divided than previously indicated on the war in afghanistan. see what the latest is on the severe weather. >> doug hill is keeping an eye on things. >> not a lot happening right now. a few showers here and there. let's see if we can share them with you as far as the locations. in rockville there is one area of shower activity. our storm scan reveals a separate area of storms moving across southern pennsylvania. we are watching this line starting to diminish.
5:50 pm
those storms are likely to affect the northern border counties of maryland and west virginia. most of the metro area will only have a pop up shower. let's go to our rooftop camera. sunshine, a few clouds, temperatures -- the 64th time we got above 90 degrees. 80 degrees in leesburg. they got quite a bit of rain. 81 at potomac. 83 degrees in falls church. here is the watch that has been in affect for a while. we will keep an on i at -- we will keep an eye on it. the forecast for the first full day of autumn tomorrow , sunny and hot. bottom officially begins tonight at 11:09 p.m.
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he will not have to hear me talk about it any more until next fall -- you will not have to hear me talk about it any more until next fall. that is the latest, back to you. i think football. the redskins are back to work after a much needed day off. their attention turned to injuries. brit mchenry has this report. >> jonathan mcnabb is one of those players surprised by the quick -- donovan mcnabb is one of those players surprised. he passed for more than 400 yards last sunday for only the third time in his career. >> these guys work hard out here at practice. we have the utmost confidence in
5:52 pm
this guise. >> it is hard for him to dodge his past. he weighed in on the eagles' abrupt quarterback change. >> that is philadelphia, things like that happen. >> mcnabb refused to talk about michael vick, but promised to open up next week. right now he is focusing on the team's first road game. >> we are definitely excited about getting out here andy erasing everything that has happened -- and erasing everything that has happened. >> former redskins running back ladell betts has been signed by the saints. another player is getting another chance with the bobcats. remember the guy who ran onto the field? he spent the night in jail.
5:53 pm
his parents apologize for his behavior. they got him released and picked him up at the jail still wearing his red suit. they then sent him to bed without his supper. 17-year-old high-school kid. >> he seems to think he is a super hero. >> he seems to think he is a super hero. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler. and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert.
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today in miami a police chase reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. it all started when an officer spotted a stolen car. the three suspects inside took off when they spotted officers. the cop car hit the car and one man jumped from the car and started to run. he was eventually taken down by a stun gun.
5:57 pm
she has been hounded about comments she has made on witchcraft. >> now christine o'donnell is responding. she is responding to fox news. christine o'donnell says she will focus on her race in delaware and will no longer grant interviews to the national media. in her first appearance since cancelling two interviews, christine o'donnell went on fox news. she was asked about why she dabbled in witchcraft as a teenager. >> what was that about? >> teenage rebellion. that is how i rebelled. >> she said democrats were trying to make this -- trying to make a personal political. >> they started their ads this week and are attacking me
5:58 pm
personally. they are not attacking on where i stand on a stimulus or spending. >> it has been in a van full week as she won the gop nomination. -- it has been an eventful week. doing the same. >> i am trying to be fair to christine o'donnell. we have some crazy stuff that she said. i don't think is relevant yet. >> once eager to go on television, she tells fox news she will no longer do interviews with the national media. governor palin is right, it is interfering with my ability to campaign. >> a poll found christine o'donnell trailing chris koons by double digits.
5:59 pm
her weakness is noticeable among women. her biggest supporters are the tea party csupporters. >> that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> just screaming and screaming. >> a fire claims the lives of a woman and two children. major health care reform laws go into effect tomorrow. will the changes in back your current insurance policy? new revelations prevailing up what word's newest book on the obama administration. captioned by the national captioning institute firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that killed a mother and two children. >> the mother was able to save the lives of three other

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